Hope Covenant Post-Secondary Education Grant Overview

 The Hope Covenant post-secondary education grants exist to support and encourage Hope Covenant youth through financial means in their post high school education. 

Application Process:  


  • High School senior applicants must be regular attenders of Hope Covenant. 

  • Regular attendance is expected in a Christian organization and is defined as participation at least twice per month while attending school.

  • Every year of post-secondary education, applicants who have been involved at Hope, must submit a new application form.

  • Graduate programs are not eligible for grant funds.  

Grant Award:

  • Annually, the stewardship ministry team will determine the grant amount dependent on funds available.  Our goal is to award up to $500 per applicant.

  • Grants given will be distributed equally among applicants.

  • Recipients need to submit school payment information to the church office by August 1st.




  • Twice annually, the stewardship team will remind the congregation of the fund and ask for contributions.