Discipleship Collective

Journey Through Summer

This summer participants are invited to being journey through readings, activities and/or videos designed to illuminate big ideas and inspire growth. Each of the 10 pathways has a shepherd who would love to encourage you throughout your "Journey Through Summer". Click on a pathway below to view the corresponding Journey.

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  • Worship As Lifestyle

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  • Witness

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  • Growing Deep Roots

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  • Habits & Rhythms

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  • Emotional Wellbeing

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  • Christ Centered Relationship

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  • Stewardship

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  • Service

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  • Empathy

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  • Physical Wellnss

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FAQ - 30 Day Challenges

  • Answer: No! While we are launching this initiative on the first of the year, these challenges can be done for any 30 day period of time.   We are encouraging people to complete their "taste of" 30 day challenge prior to the start of Lent on February 14th.

  • Answer:  No!  We know there are many great options to choose from.  These 30 day challenges will be available to you through out the year.  We invite you to consider choosing the one you are most interested now and then pick up another one in the future.

  • Answer: More and more information is being shared digitally.  A QR code is a unique link to a specific webpage or source of information related to the discipleship collective.  To scan the QR code, point your phone's camera at the code and it will automatically recognize the code and give you the opportunity to click on that link.

  • Answer: Yes!   Please contact Mischa in the office and she will print out a paper copy of your 30 day challenge.

  • Answer: Each shepherd's contact information is available (see pamphlet).  If you are experiencing a technical issue, reach out to Mischa Henry in the office.

  • Answer:  Any time you give people a "taste of" there is work done on the front end to build up knowledge and awareness on a given topic.  Some of the pathways are designed to increase knowledge while other are designed to engage your emotions and body.  The truth is we are interconnected which means that what is directed towards the mind is also related to our emotions, body and spirit.   Most pathways have additional resources and next steps designed to experience and not only learn about.

  • Answer: Check our webpage HERE. Coming soon, each pathway will be sharing more resources and experiences!

  •  Answer: We are continuously looking for ways to improve the user experience.  Your feedback has been invaluable.  If you are stuck and trying to figure out how to use the QR codes and the digital features of your 30-day challenge, please contact Mischa Henry in the church office hope@hopecovenant.org.

  • Answer: While this initial 30 day challenge was designed to be self-directed we fully support those who want to connect and grow together.   Not everyone "signed up" for a pathway but choose to do one on their own.  We would encourage you to contact your shepherd directly to find out who else choose this pathway.

  •  Answer: No worries, finish your "taste of" 30 day challenge at your own rate.  Speed of completion is not the goal, but rather growth and discovery!