Breeze is a church management software. It has tools to find contact information for other people at church, keep track of your volunteering and financial contributions, sign up for events, and more. One of the tools built into Breeze is that of a classic church directory. Everyone who activates their account has access to edit their own contact information (for church office purposes).

Another part of Breeze is the forms and scheduling tools. You may have already noticed that all of our sign-up forms are now Breeze-based. You will be able to see what events you have signed up for and be able to see what you've committed to attend or volunteer at. As a member of a volunteer team, Breeze allows you to get reminders and keep track of your commitments.

All in all, Breeze is a tool that allows us to foster greater connectivity and outreach in the ministry of Hope Covenant.

Contact our office at to request an activation email. Follow the directions on the email to set up your account.

Click here for our Breeze Q&A Document to help guide you and answer any questions you may have!

Click here If you want to modify your recurring giving, log into breeze and use the attached instructions.