Missions helps spread the gospel globally and locally. Hope supports ministries and missionaries in the following foreign countries: Austria, France, Guatemala, India, Japan, and South Sudan.

  • Francisco and Stephanie Ramos serve with La Fonderie in Paris, France. La Fonderie is a ministry that exists to encourage Christians who work in the arts, offering practical support and spiritual care.  To find more information, you can email them.

  • Eric and Christy (Mowe) McCauley have been equipping church leaders and multiplying disciples with Greater Europe Mission (GEM) in Austria since 2002. They do this primarily through discipleship in their local church, and informal theological education.  Eric works with an Austrian Church-based training organization and is co-field leader for the GEM-Austria field. Eric and Christy lead a German speaking Bible study at an international bilingual church and help put on an evangelistic German/English language camp in the summers.

  • Simi Massey was a member of Hope Covenant Church while attending St. Cloud State University. Later she and her husband Peter founded Mission of Hope International (MHI), which is located in Richmond, Virginia. MHI has established healthcare centers, schools and feeding programs. They have two major projects in India established to reach the most unreached with the gospel and to provide underserved communities with healthcare. They have other projects in Richmond, India, and Ghana.

  • Our Sunday School mission project is through Children International. We support two children from rural Guatemala, Dilia, born 12.13.2006, and Yacson, born 7.17.2003.

    Together, we raise $60.00 per month ($30.00 each) through our childlren's offerings.

  • Worship 1:00 p.m. Sundays at  / 교회주소   (at Hope Covenant Church)


    Pastor Hyung David Park - 박형두목사    hyungdoo@gmail.com

    Deacon Pok Hughes - 이복희권사    320.493.1820